We have 3 different payment processors. Please find the processor you used and follow the directions below for that specific processor.

Credit Card Option In Keysearch (Stripe)

You can just go to the Settings/Upgrade menu and you will see an option to update your credit card details there. If you don't see that option it means you paid with either Paypal or JVZOO so please continue reading the directions below.


Log in to your Paypal account. Go to your pre-approved payments (you can find it at the link below) and you should see our subscription listed as Venture Online or Keysearch. From there just click on the subscription and it should give you an option to change payment method.



You need to login to the JVZOO portal using your JVZOO credentials (not Keysearch credentials) and change the info there. Here are the directions on how to do that.